About Us

Who We Are

Founded by Jim Wilson and Scott Dyess over a decade ago, Atlanta-based InSource Employer Solutions has been an innovator in statutory workers’ compensation coverage. We help businesses small and large find coverage solutions that fit their needs and their budgets. One of the Southeast’s fastest-growing agencies, our experienced and personal staff works collaboratively with clients on a local, regional, and national basis across dozens of industries.

Who We Serve

InSource assists businesses across several industries by providing a variety of à la carte employer services, including workers’ compensation and payroll services.  We focus on providing our clients with custom services to meet their current needs. We welcome outside agents with strong client relationships to work with us.  InSource provides services directly to agents so they can offer their clients our great services and maintain their client relationships.

About Us

Executive Officers

Jim Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

A proud father and grandfather, Jim founded InSource to help business owners fill a void in the industry.

Jimmy Walker


With over a decade of experience in the insurance industry, Jimmy affords the knowledge and wisdom to fit the scope of any client’s needs.

Dawn Campbell

Chief Operating Officer

A proud member of the team since 2008, Dawn handles all day-to-day Operational aspects for InSource. She is a mom of 3 who enjoys traveling, reading, and all sports.

General Counsel & Claims Advocacy Team

Brad Holcombe

SVP & General Counsel

Brad joined InSource in 2019. He is an Atlanta native, and his background is in workers’ compensation defense as a Partner in a large insurance litigation firm.

Chad McGee

SVP of Claims Advocacy

Chad joined the InSource team in 2020 and brings extensive experience to our team in claims management processes, cost mitigation, and risk management programs.

Kevin Shealy

VP of Claims Advocacy

Kevin joined InSource in 2011 and manages our excellent team of Account Managers. He enjoys drinking good coffee, traveling, and supporting the arts.

Risk Management & Underwriting Team

Rick Noss

VP of Risk Management & Underwriting

Rick joined InSource in 2014 and provides risk management and training services to our clients. He is an avid sports fan and runner.

Jennifer Jaecks-Bonnet

Senior Risk Analyst

Jennifer joined InSource in 2020 after working for an insurance agency for many years. She has an extensive background in managing workers’ compensation programs for ASO, PEO, and staffing accounts.

Casey Barnette

Risk Analyst

Casey joined InSource in 2020 with a background in the insurance industry. She enjoys movies, traveling, and spending time with her dogs.

Kim Dyess

Risk Analyst

Kimberly joined InSource in 2021. She is an avid knitter and loves gardening in her spare time.

Marrisa Holbrook

Risk Analyst

Marrisa joined InSource in 2021 with an employment background in Hospitality. She is a native Floridian with a thirst for travel and adventure. She also is an animal lover with a particular soft spot for dogs.

Lindsey Collins

Account Analyst

Lindsey joined InSource in 2020 with a background in operations management. She resides in Georgia with her fiancé and thirteen animals. She loves coaching cheerleading, spending time with her fur babies, and watching college football in her spare time.

Finance Team

DJ Twigg

VP of Finance

DJ joined InSource in 2019 with a background in Accounting and Finance. He oversees audits and financial reporting and analysis.

Tim Adams

Director of Audits & Analytics

After working for several years as a consultant for InSource, Tim joined our Team permanently in 2021 and brings over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry to InSource and our clients. He is a proud father of two and enjoys coaching kids, playing sports, and traveling with his family. Tim works closely with DJ on audits and special projects.

Maggie Holcombe

Senior Accountant

Maggie joined the InSource team in 2020 with a background in finance and accounting. She worked as a CPA until 2014 when she took a temporary leave from the workforce to start a family. She enjoys spending time with her 2 little girls and husband, running, and reading.

Ashley Wojciechowski

Financial Analyst

Ashley joined InSource in 2021 with a background in Hospitality. She is currently pursuing an MBA at Johnson and Wales University. As a native Floridian, she enjoys being on the boat, fishing, working out, and most of all – good coffee in the morning!

James Shaffer

Financial Analyst

James joined InSource in 2019 after owning and running his own restaurant in Baltimore, MD. He and his wife have 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Account Management Team

Les Campbell

Vice President of Operations

Les joined InSource in 2014. He is a devoted husband and father of 3 very active children. He enjoys all sports, with Golf and Running at the top of the list.

Jane Botz

Senior Account Manager

Jane joined InSource in 2011 and provides customer service support.

Jennie Albert

Account Manager

Jennie joined InSource in 2021. She was a teacher for ten years before taking some time to stay at home with her children. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. In her free time, you can find her watching her children play sports.

Amanda Bennett

Account Manager

Amanda joined InSource in 2020 with a background in accounting and payroll. She is a South Carolina native who loves the beach, movies, reading, and spending time with her family.

Ethan Darnell

Account Manager

Ethan joined InSource in 2020 with a background in project management and client services. He enjoys music, traveling, spending time with his two dogs, and anything caffeinated.

Adam Dyess

Account Manager

Adam joined InSource in 2015. He has an extensive background in private accounts management and brings his customer service-oriented skill set to our team.

Pam Dee

Account Manager

Pam joined InSource in 2020 with a background in HR, Risk Management, Safety Training, and Recruiting. She and her husband of almost 25 years have two grown daughters. In her free time, she enjoys boating, traveling, and reading.

Mini Gil

Account Manager

Mini joined InSource in 2017 with 11 years of workers comp experience. She is bilingual and the proud mother of two.

Danny LaChance

Account Manager

Danny joined InSource in early 2016. He provides quality customer service support. He has been married for over 22 years and has 2 sons.

Kristin Lawler

Account Manager

Kristin joined InSource in 2020 with 5 years of experience in the insurance industry. She resides in Baltimore, MD, with her husband, dog, and 2 cats. She enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and reading.

Teri McDermott

Account Manager

Teri joined InSource in 2020. She enjoys live music, hiking, and crossword puzzles.

AJ Turner

Account Manager

AJ joined InSource in 2021 with a background in sales and account management. He enjoys spending time with his dog, Fin, and is an avid fan of sports and the outdoors.

Milo Twigg

Account Manager

Milo joined InSource in 2021, with a background in real estate and years of restaurant customer service. He is married with two kids, loves to travel, and is slowly crossing off riding record holding roller coasters off of his bucket list.

Keith Vickers

Account Manager

Keith joined InSource in 2015. He is a husband, father of 3 active children, and enjoys golf and most competitive sports.

Taylor Wojciechowski

Account Manager

Taylor joined InSource in 2021 with a background in HR. She is an avid volleyball player and loves watching competitive sports, especially college football. In addition, she lives on a cattle ranch in central Florida and helps out running it on the weekends.

Chandler Watts

Account Manager

Chandler joined InSource in 2021 with a background in project management. In addition, Chandler enjoys golf, fishing, and college football.

Operational Administration & Support Team

Marjie Gargiulo

Operational Administrator

Marjie joined InSource in 2017. She enjoys reading, traveling to visit her son and his family in Denmark, and is an avid college football fan.

Ryan Tinker

IT Manager

Ryan joined InSource in 2020 and offers technical support for all of our InSource Employees. In addition, he enjoys music and spending time with his wife and son.

InSource Employer Solutions Organizational Chart