Risk Management

Risk Management

Access to SUNZ Risk Management Center (powered by KPA)

The SUNZ Risk Management Center contains extensive libraries of Risk Management, Human Resources, and Benefits resources, including training materials, safety videos, posters, quizzes, and more.

If you have not yet registered for credentials to access the SUNZ Risk Management Center, please contact your InSource Account Manager to request access.


Catastrophic Claims

Download our catastrophic claims document below:


Class Codes

Download our class code documents below:


Disaster Safety

Download our disaster safety documents below:


Distracted Driving

Download distracted driving safety documents and view applicable linked resources below:

Electrical Safety

Download our electrical safety documents below:


Emergency Actions

Download our emergency actions posters below:


Forklift Safety

Download our forklift safety documents below:



Download our fraud information below:


Heat Stress Prevention

For more information on heat stress prevention, please download the documents below.


Hiring Practices & Strategies

For more information on hiring practices and strategies, please click on the links below.



For more information on housekeeping and workplace safety, please click the links below.


Ladder Safety

For more information on ladder safety, please download the documents below.



For more information on light-duty, please review the information and documents below


Medical Providers

For more information on workplace assault prevention and de-escalation techniques, explore the documents below.



For more information on OSHA standards and violations, explore the document below.


Slips, Trips, & Falls

For more information on slips, trips, and falls, please download the documents below.



Review our published white paper concerning travel and group transportation.